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Vantage Point: Moving Forward

Michael Burkhard, CRS 2019 RRC President

From the desk of 2019 RRC President Michael Burkhard, CRS

CRS Designees and Council members: I want you to know that it has truly been an honor and privilege to be the president of this fine organization over the past year. Not only are all our members top-notch REALTORS®, but the staff and affiliates have been most spectacular to work with. When you find passionate people, and they put their minds together, awesome things begin to happen.

I am very proud of all the work the Council accomplished, particularly all our member volunteers, who endlessly offer their perspective, support, ideas and elbow grease to get the important work of the Council done. You will see the fruit of their labors now and in years to come. I am particularly proud of the presidential advisory groups, and the results they were able to achieve in such a short time.

It is all of you who are moving the organization forward and continuing to improve the way in which we provide vital information and world-class education to our members and the real estate community.
Of course, there is always more work we can do. We must continue to add value for the members, continue to evolve Find a CRS, introduce new and relevant class subjects and anything else that the members may need to continue to be the best of the best agents in the world.

The Council will continue to move forward with this ever-changing market and keep the members ahead of the rest of the real estate agents out there. If we, as an organization, follow our mission statement, we will stay out in front of what is happening to the industry. In the international market, we have just scraped the surface and the Council will continue to be present and help the international professionals become part of our team.

This space has provided me with an opportunity to share my thoughts with you. So if I may, let me share one more: Don’t let the word “disruptor” run your business. The biggest disruptor we have in life is our brains worrying about what others are doing. In reality, we all know that putting our noses to the grindstone and working hard, ethically and professionally, will win in the long run.

As you move forward with your business, ask yourself, “What more can we all do to provide more value to our customers?” The Council will continue to do the same.