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A New Way to Connect

RRC’s new tool can help you make a perfect connection

One of the strongest benefits of being a CRS is networking with other like-minded agents. But often our agents want to go a step further and actively seek a longer-term, committed, mentor-mentee relationship. To make these connections easier to initiate and manage, the Council is rolling out a MentorBoard, a simple online tool that connects mentors and mentees.

To join, users create their own login accounts and profiles to include all the information necessary to qualify them as a potential mentor, mentee or both. Users can add links to external sites, such as blogs or publications, to provide more details about their areas of expertise or interests.
Mentors and mentees can search user profiles and initiate contact with one another via the MentorBoard. The email address of each user is kept confidential until a contact request is accepted, at which point email addresses are revealed to both users.

Each user also has access to all the tools necessary to track activity and access resources that help foster a productive relationship.

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