Council News

Meet Our New Designees

Celebrate and acknowledge your peers in residential real estate who have recently earned the Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Designation. Congratulations on achieving this prestigious designation! Their profiles have been added to Find a CRS, where you can find the profile information of all CRS Designees.


Anthony Amodeo, CRS
Shawn Babbitt, CRS
Pamela Ballenger, CRS
Pamela Banks, CRS
Scott Bell, CRS
Brad Bergamini, CRS
Fred Braun, CRS
Kathleen Burt, CRS
Meagan Campion, CRS
William Cartwright, CRS
Chase Chasteen, CRS
Lindsay Clarke, CRS
Nancy Cole, CRS
Dave Coleman, CRS
Kim Correa, CRS
Brian Cournoyer, CRS
Glenda DeLillo, CRS
Tiffany Dubose, CRS
Lisa Frensley, CRS
Scott Friestad, CRS
Ed Geist, CRS
Joshua Graham, CRS
Ann Irons, CRS
Dustin Janzen, CRS
Christine Joyce, CRS
Kimm Kennon, CRS
Lynette Krull, CRS
Teri Lane, CRS
Martha Marzolf, CRS
Danielle Mazza, CRS
Katie McCartney, CRS
Anita McCracken, CRS
Patricia McCullough, CRS
Viki Melton, CRS
Rocio Moore, CRS
Amy Mosher, CRS
Anita Oxford, CRS
Shannon Paton, CRS
Gary Penitsch, CRS
Brittany Rae, CRS
Marshall Rich, CRS
Christine Serafini, CRS
Sheila Vancuren, CRS
Kalani Versola, CRS
Scott Wilson, CRS
Troy Wilson, CRS